0 comments on “PO-12 ≈ Tropicana glitch Cumbia (video)”

PO-12 ≈ Tropicana glitch Cumbia (video)

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Remember these Artist and Engineer synths?

Well they’re still coming along, but just the other day the website changed and now says they’re going to be available in 2015. Nothing more specific than that sadly.

You can take a look at the site here.

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MobMuPlat 1.64 has arrived

Here’s what’s new in MobMuPlat:

  • New Multislider output mode, Table range and draw mode.
  • Remember user network settings.
  • Fix OSC while in background – can finally do inter-app OSC.
  • Get key strokes from a hardware keyboard.
  • Built on libpd’s tracking of PureData 0.46: no more MobMuPlat-specific build of PureData necessary. Use the new PdWrapper.pd and PureData .46 to develop!

0 comments on “Spectral Techno #3 (new music genre?)”

Spectral Techno #3 (new music genre?)

0 comments on “LF1 Monosynth gets on the bus”

LF1 Monosynth gets on the bus

I don’t seem to get to say that too often these days, but, LF1 Monosynth is now on the bus with version 1.3.

0 comments on “haQ attaQ 43 – A LOT of stuff happening (video)”

haQ attaQ 43 – A LOT of stuff happening (video)

0 comments on “Auxy: Beat Studio 1.2.2 arrives”

Auxy: Beat Studio 1.2.2 arrives

Here’s what’s in the latest version of Auxy: Beat Studio:

  • Added “Auxy Out” destination to support apps like iMini and DM1
  • Improved performance to avoid hiccups when multitasking between apps
  • Now preventing the iPad from locking while Auxy is playing

0 comments on “Hydralic Tom Vidobox, Pixlr, 8mm, Matter, VHS FX Maker for iPad (video)”

Hydralic Tom Vidobox, Pixlr, 8mm, Matter, VHS FX Maker for iPad (video)

0 comments on “SoundCloud group of the week is the Samplr group”

SoundCloud group of the week is the Samplr group

0 comments on “GrainProc update looks interesting”

GrainProc update looks interesting

Here’s new in GrainProc …

  • Save your granular setups as AudioBus states! (this bit has got me intrigued)
  • New Icon
  • Bugfixes for the sliders showing at incorrect positions at times

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