AUFX:Push arrives and you need to know about it

AUFX:Push is the next in the excellent series of FX apps from Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl). I am a big personal fan of these apps, and I think one is going to be no different in terms of quality and usability. If anything I think it’ll be even better, and with a spec like the one below I think this app just speaks for itself really.

I can’t wait to try it out and for it to become another app from Kymatica that is a regular in my own work.

Anyway, here’s what to expect (a lot) …

A highly tweakable stereo dynamics processor with noise gate, compressor/expander with external side-chain input, and limiter/clipper. From subtle compression, extreme pumping, to maximum loudness!

This app is part of the AUFX series, a collection of simple and powerful audio effect apps.

  • High quality 32-bit DSP engine.
  • Compressor/expander with optional lookahead buffer.
  • Allows negative ratios for pumping/cancellation effects.
  • Hard or soft knee with adjustable radius.
  • Built-in side-chain low/high cut filters with monitor toggle.
  • External side-chain input through Inter-App Audio or Audiobus.
  • Built-in noise gate.
  • Brick-wall lookahead limiter.
  • Hard/soft clipper.
  • Supports “parallell compression”.
  • RMS/Peak envelope followers with attack, release and hold time.
  • Switchable between Linear and Logarithmic mode.
  • Automatic makeup gain.
  • Stereo link on/off.
  • Process hardware input/output, or other apps through Inter-App Audio or Audiobus (input/filter/output slots supported).
  • Save, load and share user presets.
  • Supports Audiobus 2 state saving.
  • Comes with several bundled presets.
  • Fully MIDI controllable, including Virtual MIDI.
  • Background Audio.
  • Record the result directly in app.
  • Email recordings or export to AudioShare audio document manager app.
  • Access user presets and recordings through iTunes File Sharing.

AUFX:Push costs just $4.99 on the app store now

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