R0Verb multi delay-line space machine Tutorial for iPad (video)

haQ attaQ 40 – make music look Good! – Pixlr tutorial (video)

Monokromo – Need (Korg Nano Pad 2 + iPad) … (video)

PO-12 ≈ first melancholy waltz

Video description:

“In the weekend I was wondering if the PO-12 could do some waltzing.. you know, the 1-2-3 boogie.
I have to conclude that the answer is yes, but man.. it was a though one! It felt like doing mathematical research on a calculator.. 1+1 = 3

The composition is a spin-off from a song I’ve wrote on the accordion to get in those romantic vibrations. All romantic chiptunish sounds are PO-12 including the Reverb FX.”

Sinevibes bringing more iOS projects this year

OP-1 Song: Late Night and Lo-Fi (video)

Teenage Engineering OP-1s on eBay

There is a new voice bot coming soon. New improved algorithm and simplified ui.


Picture of the day

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