Audreio V1 Workflow (video)

Auxy loves analog, watch Auxy connected some awesome gear …

Video description:

“Improvised live session with composer and synth aficionado Jon Ekstrand, filmed in his studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Jon is using the new MIDI feature in Auxy to sequence his Tempest drum machine, Moog Voyager, Eurorack modular system, and Virus Indigo.”

Plaster Development VLog 2 (video)

Video description:

“This video is about Plaster Development Ep.2”

Zillidrone Groovebox The Epic Guide for iPad (video)

How Do It: AudioCopy paste to Tabletop

This week Eric gives a tutorial on how to use the AudioPaste in five devices in Tabletop.

Electribe 2 Performance – Chiptune / IDM / Ambient – Live in Riverside, CA (video)

7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth – CHAIOS SYNTH (video)

Flashtronic Mk IV (video)

Electribe 2 IDM Echo Beats – Jam by The Great Pyramids (video)

Video description:

“Using the tempo delay master effect and “step jump” features to play an IDM style drum and synth jam with my friend, who was playing “MicroKorg XL” keyboard off camera. ) Aphex type beat chopping will definitely be possible! ; – ) See my next video, and subscribe!

All music featured in this video is our original composition, played with the synthesizers we are demonstrating.

[ I have obtained official permission to video review and Monetize videos from
the KORG synthesizer company, makers of the products featured in this video – I can give you references if you wish. ]”

Mind Over Matter Soundpack (Week 20) (video)

Video description:

“This week we step outside ourselves and our minds with some punchy synth melody, trembling bass, distorted drums and a clip from the movie A Beautiful Mind. We have to ask ourselves what is indeed real (or illusion), cause this soundpack is…or is it? Try to unearth all of the additional samples buried within this pack. Enjoy! -Kyle

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Video Credit: Alex Medvick

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