GRAV-SYNTH ][ on Etsy, lovely but very pricey …

Another lovely object on Etsy but with a very big price tag …

A well-loved accoutrement scavenged by our interns (or so they say) from the wobbly ruins of a lovecraftian pleasure dome, GRAV-SYNTH ][ is ready to handle, nay joyfully respond to, all manner of lascivious gyrations and G-force perturbations (twerking has been mentioned) that may come its way. Soothing color scheme, fine vintage knobbery, battery holder and output jack round out this tasty little unit. (Not recommended as an alternative food source)

3 axis accelerometer drives 3 squarewave synth voices coupled to a variable bandpass filter that’s driven by feedback from any of the three axes. Lack of instructions (a revered tradition of the Ottoman Empire) should be plenty to motivate anyone with a penchant with flicking switches, twiddling knobs, and shaking things around. And looking dang good while doing it, if you don’t mind our saying so.

GRAV-SYNTH ][ on Etsy

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