This is a lovely looking device, but the price is a bit of a put off if you ask me …

Waves of phase noise break on the exotic and imaginary coastlines of unexplorable seashores as voices call from beyond the abyss. Run a very long extension cord into the dungeon, and listen, listen for voices; barely discernible behind the howling noise and occasional squeals from nowhere. Mismatched oscillators, silicon flip-flops and a jauntily-clad bandpass filter await an effortless enmeshment with human intent via the joystick; and yellowish phase noise lighting comes out the probe, for good looks and interface with anything laying around that may be light sensitive.

Impress friends and amaze enemies with the absolute pinnacle of EVP exploration and Cillation Generation. Say goodbye and point your prow bravely to the abyss, and listen as the abyss howls back, all with a little gentle pressure on the joystick.

Finely appointed in chiseled anodized alumin(i)um, with meters to indicate forays into the danger zone. Volume knob and small speaker thoughtfully included. Runs off 110VAC via an internal DC supply. Output jacks for raw and filtered signal, just the thing for vast archival recordings of the entities encountered along the journey.

CHAOS CILLATOR “de-luxe” Forbidden E.V.P. Explorer Cillation Activator with Safety Indicators and Joystick Interface on Etsy

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