Audreio arrives and brings wireless uncompressed audio streaming between iOS devices

It’s here! Audreio delivers easy-to-use uncompressed audio streaming between iOS devices, wirelessly!

No cables or audio interface needed. Using your existing router, Audreio streams audio from an Inter-App Audio (IAA) application on one device—or from the built-in mic—to another iOS device. The received audio can then be routed to the speaker or an IAA host.

Audreio’s elegant, straight-forward interface will have you streaming audio in no time. Simply select the iOS device on your local network that you would like to send audio from, and you’re ready to stream. There are no IP addresses to enter and no complicated set-up to deal with.


  • Easily stream uncompressed audio between iOS devices
  • Broad compatibility – IAA/AudioBus2 apps (via AudioBus’s support for IAA)
  • Simple, elegant interface
  • For a list of IAA compatible apps please visit

Requires iOS 7 or higher.

Note: Reliable streaming of uncompressed audio over wi-fi depends heavily on your router and network conditions. Audreio provides a simple setting to control the relation between latency and streaming performance.

Audreio costs $4.99 on the app store

R0Verb multi delay-line space machine arrives

R0Verb multi delay-line space machine is here and it looks particularly cool actually.

This audio effect filter is a hybrid between a simple reverb and a very complex delay. R0Verb consists of up to 50 separate delay lines, and puts you in charge of every single delay with controls for volume, pre-delay, feedback & high shelf. It can be used for everything from simple delays to complex spaces, whatever your mix needs. It also has a nice Randomizer if you’re feeling lucky!


  • Up to 50 parallel delays*
  • Every delay has parameters for volume, pre-delay, feedback, delay time & a high shelving filter
  • Randomizer – creates a space with user-defined bounds
  • Multi-select and edit several delay-lines in one gesture
  • Post 3-band EQ
  • IAA and Audiobus2 compatible
  • Comes with a few factory presets for inspiration
  • Load / Save user presets
  • Remember IAA hosts (will automatically load last used settings when a host reconnect)
  • Documentation

* When using a lot of delay-lines this app consumes quite a bit of CPU. If you experience audio glitches and stuttering we recommend reducing the number of active delay-lines. iPad 2 or later is recommended, iPad 4 or later is preferred.

The app costs $3.99 (which is a bargain I think)

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Sign up to get news about MIDI Thing

We’ve put up a sign up page at Launchrock were you can sign up for future details of what we’re up to with MIDI Thing.

Please have a look.

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