Zillidrone groovebox arrives …

Zillidrone is a sample-based groovebox for creating, performing and interacting with 32-step sequences for snares, kicks, hi-hats, sampler and two multioscillator synthesizers. With Zillidrone you can easily create, modify, save sequences and arrange them on the fly during a live performance. Use drum pads for making extra drum shots over the saved drum patterns. Shuffle samples, randomize patterns, use synth preset sequencers, apply DSP effects with automations to produce a wide range of sound transformations for your composition. Upload your own samples and use the magic of randomization without any editing to discover more ideas for your music. Record loops or full tracks in real-time, export recordings to other applications or share them via dropbox or email.


  • Drum machine and drum pads for real-time groove production with 4 types of touches. Tap or swipe drum pads within different areas to produce different shots.
  • Change samples manually or shuffle samples randomly during performance.
  • Two oscillator synth with 5 presets, preset sequencers and automations for each controller.
  • Sampler with piano keyboard (6 octaves).
  • 5 real-time DSP effects: distortion, free verb, pitch shifter, wah-wah, ring modulator , one non-realtime “looper” effect and global delay effect.
  • Mixer for panning and sending to global delay effect for each instrument and DSP effect.
  • Arrangement editor for storing 16 different scenes. Each scene saves all states of controls, sequences, automations. You can change scenes manualy, randomly or create a song arrangement.
  • Included library of 397 samples (99 per each drum instrument and 100 for sampler).
  • Upload sample packs (wav, aif, aiff formats) via iTunes and assign them to each instrument separately.
  • Real time recording for loops or long tracks. There’s an option to record instruments and effects into different WAV files.
  • Export recordings to Dropbox or open in applications with audio file import support.
  • MIDI input and output. MIDI Sync input.
  • Demo projects, help and video tutorial are included.

The app costs $5.99.

Bloom 3 arrives, the first update since 2011 for Mr Eno’s flagship app

Here’s what’s new in Bloom …

  • Complete interface redesign for iOS 8 and all new iPhone sizes.
  • Slide to unlock (recommended when using the app with young children.)
  • “Multitasking” has been renamed to “Play in background”.

Sismo Qadrox on Etsy

The Sismo Qadrox is a squarewave generator with six analog oscillators built in eight step sequencer, sync in – out, cv in – out.
Synchronize with any external analog device by clock and control internal sound generator by cv in.


  • Create powerful noisy rhythms and unpredictable sounds
  • Portable design in wood and acrilic
  • Sync by Clock, lead or follow the pitch
  • CV input and output
  • Stereo oscillators output


  • Polyphony: monophonic
  • Oscillators : six oscillators square / pulse
  • Control : cv out, sync in – out, manual and external reset
  • Current draw: 12 Volts (center positive)(Not included)
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Dimensions: 10,5cm (H) x 13cm (D) x 13cm (W)


  • Do not exceed a 15VDC wall wart
  • Make sure the wall wart has at least 300 to 1000mA capacity

inc power adapter /batery clip /2x monojack out 6.5 to 3.5 plugs



Dark Interpreter plague noise synth: Lachrymarum / glitch, granular, blackdeath on Etsy

From the designer of The Black Death, The Dark Interpreter (Towers Open Fire edition) is the ultimate plague-driven, finger sensitive,stand-alone noise processor, granular synthesizer and sound generator, merging digital and analogue processing.

The Dark Interpreter is modeled as a set of leaky, overlapping medieval village spaces within which various plague simulations run, and through which a motley of villagers (grains) wander, steered by
electric fingers and touch.

All models of the Dark Interpreter can generate sound or process incoming audio (full size (6.5mm) input and output JACKs). The model (Lachrymarum) presented here samples 16 bit audio at 48 KHz with a sample memory of 1 second (or more depending on speed and settings).

The Dark Interpreter is hand-made and is delivered fully assembled and tested. It features high quality ALPS potentiometers, and a BOSS style 9v power socket (+9v/positive on the outside, negative centre, minimum 300mA). Returns and repairs are accepted within reason.

More information on the Dark Interpreter range at: http://1010.co.uk/org/darkint.html

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/martin_howse/1011editvocalplus1012frag

Oh, and it ships from Berlin, sometimes from London!

Dark Interpreter plague noise synth: Lachrymarum / glitch, granular, blackdeath on Etsy

WretchUp sale ends tomorrow

MIDI Over USB via Lightning/30 Pin cable coming soon to MIDI LE!

iPad AIR with Fairlight, FLUX FX & Multitrack DAW apps (video)

iPad AIR with Fairlight, FLUX FX & Multitrack DAW apps:

“Getting started with the FLUX FX app. It really brings a whole new dimension to these old 8 bit sounds. All 3 apps are linked with audiobus”

If you’re thinking about ordering the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators, read this …

I ordered mine, so I guess I’m in for the long haul … Here’s what TE have to say …

“thank you so much for all the attention regarding the launch of pocket operators! everyone is now back from namm and we are happily working hard to fulfill all orders. we know a lot of you have questions for us, so here are some general questions and answers compiled. sorry for keeping you waiting. thanks!

q: what is the status of my order, when can I expect delivery?

a: first of all thank you very much for your order! everything will be processed in sequence, in a first-come, first-served manner. due to heavy demand, delivery is expected within 2 – 3 months, and hopefully faster. we will get shipments continuously and we will let you know as soon as possible when we can ship your specific order. we can not give any more information at this point so thank you for your patience.”

CZ for iPad gets virtual MIDI and more

Well that was a quick update for the CZ iPad app. Here’s what’s new:

  • Virtual MIDI support
  • Optimized preset sounds
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes

Mind Control Or Clark Gable (demo) (video)

Video description:

“A short demo from my upcoming ep. You can hear my latest album, Destroy All Presets, here http://docpop.bandcamp.com/

This track was created with Nanoloop on an old Gameboy. The LED mod was created by Drone of Ghostfire Electronics.”

I’m looking forward to another Doc Pop EP!

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