A very rare Vintage Casio VL-Tone Electronic Musical Keyboard VL-5 w/ Barcode Reader and Case on Etsy!

This is a rare Casio keyboard in the VL-Tone line, coming after the famous Casio VL-Tone 1. This package includes the famous optical barcode reader pen, which allows one to scan songs from special barcode books into the internal sequencer memory. It comes with its original case, which is in excellent condition with no holes or tears, however there are some numbers and letters written on the outside of the case in Sharpie (you can see this in picture 2 above).

The keyboard has a connection problem and often becomes quiet and static-y – a problem usually abated by messing with the volume control switch. I assume that this is a connection problem that would be remedied through a simple sauter job, and it has no other working problems. Item is being sold AS IS.


  • 37 button keys
  • built-in small speaker (thin sounding, mounted in a resonance pot)
  • polyphony 4 notes (2 notes during sequencer playback)
  • 10 preset sounds {flute, bagpipe, clarinet, violin, trumpet, pipe organ, harpsichord, piano, pretty, funny}
  • “tone memory” 4 step switch to assign 4 of the preset sounds for quick access
  • 8 preset rhythms {waltz, march, rock, swing, samba, rhumba, slow rock, metronome}
  • sustain button
  • volume and “rhythm/ melody balance” sliders
  • tempo slider
  • LCD (displays numbers of preset sound & rhythm and sequencer note numbers)
  • semi- analogue sound generator. The digital envelopes (with audible zipper noise) are linear and thus sounds unrealistic because they fade silent too soon.
  • percussion consist of shift register noise for snare/ hihat and for the drums squarewave blips those have 3 pitches and 2 lengths. One sound is a long blip layered with noise. All percussion employ digital decay envelopes with much zipper noise.
  • complex multi- chip hardware:
  • CPU1= “NEC D910G 011, K2106K” (80 pin SMD)
  • CPU2= “HD43191A07, 2A 25” (80 pin SMD)
  • SRAM?= “NEC A19046-140, D444C, Japan” (20 pin DIL)
  • 2x IC “LB1100, 1M3” (20 pin DIL)
  • IC “LB1100, 1M4” (20 pin DIL)
  • simple monophonic sequencer (240 notes, editor (insert & delete, rhythm start point), “one key play” to change note duration)
  • optional barcode reader pen to load songs from special song books into the sequencer
  • tuning trimmer at case bottom
  • jacks for AC- adapter, headphone, line out & barcode pen

Vintage Casio VL-Tone Electronic Musical Keyboard VL-5 w/ Barcode Reader and Case on Etsy

Vintage Z Machine Noise Synthesizer Synth makes Wave and Rain Sounds Marsona on Etsy

“This thing is old and crunky but works great and sounds…um…dreamy? It comes with an adapter and has a 1/8 inch output on the back. if you would like me to switch it for a 1/4 inch guitar style let me know and i’ll adjust the price by 20$

It shows it’s age but is in quite clean shape.”

Vintage Z Machine Noise Synthesizer Synth makes Wave and Rain Sounds Marsona on Etsy

Clipsitron light controlled synth on Etsy

Part martian space craft, part synthesizer, the Clipsitron by Rarebeasts is a Theremin style musical instrument that uses a light sensor to make a large range of electronic sounds. This unit is so easy to play, all you need to do to change the frequency of the sound is wave your hand in front of the light sensor.

The body of the Clipsitron is made from Jarra and the legs are made from Huon Pine. The unit is finished and protected using natural wood oils.

TheClipsitron has only one control and that is the light sensor in the middle of the unit. The less light that goes into the sensor the lower the frequency. The Clipsitron is played with the hand by blocking light from entering the sensor or can also be played using a small flash light(not included)

The sound output is via a speaker on the bottom of the unit.

All you need to start making sounds is a common 9 volt battery.

Clipsitron light controlled synth on Etsy

SampleTank is still on sale

I thought I should mention that SampleTank is still on sale for only $4.99. Just in case you didn’t know.

K-Mix by Keith McMillen First Look NAMM 2015 (video)

Hello, what’s this then …

KORG MODULE Demo & Review [English Captions] (video)

Controlling Filter using the pressure sensor in littleBits (video)

FM4 1.1 arrives

Here’s what’s new in FM4 1.1:

  • Audiobus support
  • iOS 7.0.x crash has been fixed
  • Performance boost: the UI responsiveness has been drastically improved
  • App-size has been reduced with more than 60%
  • The manual is up
  • Added a tempo popover with manual control of the tempo
  • Added a waveform popover with an overview of waveforms
  • Minor bug fixes

Just enjoying playing with littleBits Synth Kit (video)

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