Miselu C.24 unboxing …

From the maker of GlitchBreaks and Sliver: Plaster Development

How Do It: Paste to iMPC, iMPC Pro & iMPC iPhone (video)

Video description:

“This week Eric gives a tutorial on how to use the AudioPaste in iMPC, iMPC Pro & iMPC iPhone.”

Raptutron – Handmade synth on Etsy

The Raptutron is a one of a kind handmade analog synth

This device has three main controls, the top control changes the frequency and the other two chop up the noise by fast modulating the sounds.

Here is a short YouTube video showing the Raptutron in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qktahPDNVhc

This synthesizer is made from a beautiful piece reclaimed Tasmanian Huon pine and finished using natural wood oils.

The output is via a 1/4in mono socket which can be plugged into earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier.

* The Raptutron – is powered by a Common 9v Battery which is not included due to shipping restrictions.

Raptutron – Handmade synth on Etsy

Beat Destructor Handmade Synth drum loops on Etsy

The Beat Destructor is a small handmade beat maker that synthesizes industrial beats with various sounds and tempos.

If you want to hear what the Beat Destructor sounds like, I have upload a small YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FRZj74T1_w

Main controls:
Tempo: The tempo control allows you to change to tempo of the beat.

Bass note control: This controls the number of bass notes repeated in each bar, form 1 to 14.

The output is via a 3.5mm stereo socket which can be plugged into earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier.

All you need to start making sounds, is a pair of earphones and a common 9 volt battery.

Beat Destructor Handmade Synth drum loops on Etsy

Toa Mata Band – Live in Prague#1 (video)

Nova Musik – Korg Little Bits Synth Kit NAMM 2015 (video)

Yamaha Synth Book now available in the US too

Well now it’s available in the US too …

Yamaha celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Yamaha Synthesizers with the Yamaha Synth Book!!!!!!!!!
This app features a complete history of Yamaha Synthesizers, an integrated virtual analog soft synth, and serves as a portal to Yamaha’s online synth communities.


HISTORY features detailed, “behind the scenes” information about the 40-year design and development history of Yamaha synthesizers. This fascinating historical accounting of the technological breakthroughs behind some of the most innovative, musical and successful Yamaha synthesizers is a must-read for all synth fans.

AN2015 features virtual analog modeling like the AN1x. It also features a drum part that can keep the beat going while you perform and control the main synth part.

Use case 1: Enjoy it as a standalone iOS app!
There are 2 modes available, SYNTH mode and Drum mode that work at the same time, e.g. when drum phrase is playing, Analog sound can be selectable and playable with the drum phrase, and vice versa without stopping ongoing music.

Use case 2:Use it with a MOXF as an external tone generator!
When connected to the Yamaha MOXF Music Production Synthesizer (OS version 1.10) using the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter by Apple, the MOXF becomes the MIDI/Audio interface for the iOS app creating a very powerful music production system.


  • Analogue Synth
  • Tone Generator: Virtual Analogue Modelling
  • Polyphony: 8
  • Preset voice: 64
  • Arpeggiator: 1
  • Scale: 1
  • Polyphonic Pad

Drum Part

  • Tone Generator: Audio (Drum loop and time stretch function included)
  • Part: 1
  • Polyphony: 1
  • Drum Pad: 16
  • Drum Pad Set: 5

PORTALS features links to Yamaha’s online communities. Connect with other Yamaha Synth fans around the world on Facebook or Yamaha’s own online synth community: yamahasynth.com.

PRODUCT LINE-UP is showing video of current product line-up:

  • MOTIF XF Series
  • MOXF Series
  • MX Series
  • CP40 STAGE

YAMAHA APP CATALOG introduces other Yamaha Synth iOS Apps.

And it’s free …

iOS Beta testing going iOS8 only next month …

SYNTHDRUM from noystoise (video)

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