Don’t forget that KORG’s Gadget is still on sale at 50% off

KORG’s Gadget remains on sale for the NAMM weekend. Don’t forget that it’s half price and so are its IAPs, so if you don’t have it, or the IAPs, now is a good time to grab a bargain.

Oops, should have mentioned that it was $39.99, and is $19.99 for now.

SampleTank is still 75% off

SampleTank remains at three quarters of it’s normal price. It’s down from $19.99 to $4.99.

SunVox is also still 50% off

SunVox is also on sale at half price and is down from $5.99 to $2.99. It’s only on sale until the end of NAMM though.

Virtual ANS is still 50% off

Virtual ANS is still on sale at half price, it’s now $2.99 and was $5.99.

What are you making this weekend?

So, it’s the weekend, what are you planning to make? Music? Apps? Templates? DIY? If you’re doing anything cool and want to share it just let me know.
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