Auria Pro by WaveMachine Labs @ NAMM 2015 (video)


The Moon Looper – Experimental loop synth on Etsy

The Moon Looper makes noise; the noise is good!

This device makes a wide range of experimental sounds using frequency and speed controls, from super fast loops to slow drones.

This looper is made from NHMI certified solid oak and finished using natural non toxic wood oils.

The Moon looper has 3 main controls;

  • The frequency control(left knob) adjusts the frequency of the sound, the first half of the range is tame, the 2nd half is uncut noise. With the Freq control knob adjusted anticlockwise, you can add a rest to the loop by pressing the Write button.
  • The second control is Speed(right knob), which controls how fast the loop is played.
  • The third control is the write button, when pressed it writes a sound to memory which is then replayed next time the loop is run.

The output is via a 3.5mm stereo socket which can be plugged into earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier.

The Moon Looper – Mix is powered by a Common 9v Battery which is not included due to shipping restrictions.

The Moon Looper – Experimental loop synth on Etsy


Egoist gets even better … yes it does!

Here’s what’s new in Egoist:


  • Audioshare, Dropbox & Soundcloud export
  • Audioshare sample import


  • audio in background fixed


Yamaha Synth Book PV2 (video)


UVI BeatHawk Tuto – Patterns and Songs (video)


UVI BeatHawk Tuto – Sounds Selection (video)


BeatHawk arrives

Well after a very long wait here it is …

BeatHawk is a portable music production studio adapted from UVI’s professional product line, delivering studio-quality sound and a lightning-fast workflow. Utilize a vast library of sounds, instruments and effects to create beats, sample, time and pitch stretch, layer melodies, mix and arrange songs and more. Export songs, stems and MIDI in one touch. Supports external MIDI devices, Inter-App Audio, AudioBus, WIST and AudioCopy.

Introductory price of $4,99 (regular price $9,99)

Built on the UVI Engine™, BeatHawk delivers extremely high sonic fidelity competitive with desktop products used in professional studios. Built-in sounds and instruments, effects and rendering algorithms have been all been adapted from UVI’s professional product line and optimized to give you the utmost quality in a convenient, hand-held package.

With BeatHawk we’ve tried to balance the extreme flexibility of digital environments with the focus and efficiency of hardware, providing the most important elements at the highest quality possible. The result is an uncluttered and lightning-fast workflow that helps you get your ideas out quickly and efficiently, no matter where you are.

BeatHawk offers up a large selection of included sounds and instruments, but for those of you who need more you’ll find an ever-expanding selection of downloadable libraries. Multi-sampled instruments, drum kits, phrases and more and are available whenever you need them directly from the in-app sound browser, all with the outstanding sound quality UVI is known for.

BeatHawk offers full support for CoreMIDI, Inter-App Audio, AudioBus, Audio Copy and WIST allowing you to create with your favorite tools in whatever way you like. Play your tracks with an external MIDI keyboard or sequence them over Wi-Fi from your computer. If you want to wrap up a track in your favorite DAW just export the stems or MIDI files, it couldn’t be simpler.


  • 16 track sequencer with up to 16 patterns
  • 780Mb sound and instrument library included
  • Trigger via. pad mode, keyboard mode or with external device
  • Edit and tweak sounds with high-quality effects and ADSR envelope
  • Sample from iPad built-in mic, line-in or external devices
  • High-quality pitch and time stretching
  • Choke groups and One-Shot sample modes
  • Perform and record arrangements realtime
  • Integrated sound browser with realtime preview
  • Exclusive UVI sound libraries available via in-app purchase
  • Jam with multiple iPads using WIST Sync over Bluetooth
  • Export stereo mix, stems or MIDI files with one touch
  • Easily transfer files via. iTunes App
  • External keyboard and MIDI-over-LAN support via CoreMIDI
  • Inter-App Audio, AudioBus, Audio Copy and WIST compliant
  • Export: 44.1kHz 24-bit WAV
  • Import: FLAC, WAV, MP3, MP4, or AIF
  • iPad 2 or newer (iPad 4 or newer recommended)
  • iOS 7+

BeatHawk costs $4.99 on the app store, but there are content IAPs too