Clipsitron light controlled synth on Etsy

The Clipsitron is a Theremin style musical instrument that uses a light sensor to make a large range of electronic synth noises. This unit is so easy to play all you need to do to change the frequency of the sound is to wave your hand in front of the light sensor.

The body of the Clipsitron is made from Jarra and the legs are made from Huon Pine. The unit is finished and protected using natural wood oils.

TheClipsitron has only one control and that is the light sensor in the middle of the unit. The less light that goes into the sensor the lower the frequency. The Clipsitron is played with the hand by blocking light from entering the sensor or can also be played using a small flash light(not included)

The sound output is via a speaker on the bottom of the unit.

All you need to start making sounds is a common 9 volt battery.

Clipsitron light controlled synth on Etsy

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