Waldorf Product News 2015: Attack, Advanced Drum Synthesizer for iPad is coming …

If you’re eager to skip ahead the video starts from 1:15.

Now there’s something to look forward to …

Expert Sleepers FH-1 and Lemur (video)

Lemur on the app store

Grimoire Lite Beta (demo version) Demonstration (video)

Hand made CV Sequencer on Etsy

This is an eight step CV sequencer that outputs a control voltage from 0 to 5 volts. This is used to manipulate other equipment that utilizes CV input.

You have control over the speed of the sequencer as well as the voltage of each step. This will also sync up with other devices that make use of 5volt clock. To the right of the power switch is a start/stop toggle for the sequence.

All jacks are 1/8″ (3.5mm). The CV output is separated from the sync jacks. It has a sync input and two sync outputs, one that outputs a clock pulse for each step and one that outputs one pulse per full sequence. This allows multiple units to sync up either step for step or overlapping. Sync in is closest to the DC input, in the middle is the sync out, and closest to the CV output jack is the sync out with one pulse per full sequence.

It is housed in an extremely tough, raw aluminum case. It is powered by an included 9volt battery or any 9volt center-negative DC adapter.

CV Sequencer on Etsy

Hand made Maximal Drone on Etsy

This is a maximal drone synthesizer capable of dense sounds and thick chords. Six oscillators modulate against each other. Each selectable as either full range, off, or low range. There is also a low pass filter and volume. A CV input allows you to power the device with control voltages from 0-5V for interesting automated power sag results.

The case is extremely tough die-cast aluminum painted with a durable textured black finish. The CV input is 1/8″, and the mono 1/4″ audio output makes it easy to connect to amps, effects or recording equipment. It is powered by an included 9-volt battery or 9V center-negative DC adapter. This was designed and hand-built in Oakland, California.

Maximal Drone on Etsy

Visited the NewWave presets site recently?

There’s some great sound preset packs for a wide range of iOS synths including FM4, Magellan, and the PPG WaveGenerator. Go take a look at their site.

DrumJam and Geo Synth Improv with Cubasis for iPad (video)

If you’ve got a music tech start up then consider this …

Why not think about being on the DIG index provided by Rockol. You can find the index here. DIG stands for Deep Innovation Growth Index, and it aims to become the comprehensive music-tech index and database, filling a gap in the market and acting as a point of reference for entrepreneurs, startups, angel and VC investors as well as journalists, government bodies and professional service providers.

Give it a go!

SoundBow 100 (video)

Reminder: Going to NAMM? You might want to meet up with Propellerhead

If you’re going to be there then check this event and go along to meet up with the lovely people from Propellerhead.

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