Here’s the first round up of 2015 …

I didn’t manage to get a round up post out before so here’s one covering everything so far this year! Starting from the 1st.

Thursday the 1st of January:

  • Well I decided to start off 2015 with a reminder of what my SoundLab project is all about by posting this little video which I hope you’ll enjoy
  • There’s also a good video of using the touchboard to make beats
  • If you have the Mute Synth II and the dot matrix kit you might want to check out this PDF for some help
  • Something new coming from Teenage Engineering at NAMM?

Friday the 2nd of January:

  • Good friend Mr Concreted0g posts about the MIDI Thing which could be of interest to you
  • If you’ve got a music start up you might want to check out the DIG index

Monday the 5nd of January:

Tuesday the 6th of January:

Wednesday the 7th of January:

Thursday the 8th of January:

Friday the 9th of January:

Monday the 12th of January:

Wednesday the 14th of January:

Thursday the 15th of January:

Friday the 16th of January:

So, that was a bit of an epic round up. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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