So Skoog is coming back to Indiegogo tomorrow

It appears that Skoog is not as over as we’d thought.

Here’s what they have to say …

Thank you so much for your contribution to our Indiegogo campaign. By now you will have received your refund and you may be wondering what’s next for Skoog 2.0.

The good news is that we’ve just received a massive boost to our campaign in the shape of a loan from our existing shareholders. This loan will cover the initial tooling costs, meaning that all that remains to start shipping SKOOG 2.0 is to find the funds to pay for our first production run and to complete the final CE/compliance testing process. This is where we need your help.

We are going to re-launch our campaign on Indiegogo this Friday, and with your continued support, Skoog 2.0 WILL be going ahead!

So what’s different?

Inevitably, we’ve had to change our launch plan to accommodate evolving circumstances and demand. We’ll still be offering some great value early-bird discounts, and we’ll make sure you get the same price as you paid last time. Here are the key changes:

Delivery deadline extended to May 2015
Initial tablet launch will be offered with Skoogmusic iOS for iPad only.
Mogo iOS (Synth app for iPad) will be delayed until September 2015.
Android versions will be delayed until 2016 (unless there is a significant increase in demand).
When the campaign is finished, the suggested retail price for Skoog 2.0 will increase from £179 to £279 (so this time you’ll be making an even bigger saving over RRP!).

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