dreamSTATE – Ephemeral City, beautful ambient music and visuals in an app

I don’t normally go in for the ‘music as an app’ idea, with one or two exceptions, and this is certainly one. I’ve been listening to dreamSTATE’s Ephemeral City for a few days and I really love it. The music is gorgeous and evolves naturally and seamlessly and the visuals are excellent.

I can thoroughly recommend it as not only a good app, but a really high quality music and visual production.

Here’s the app store description for more detail:

dreamSTATE presents their new multimedia iAlbum of ever-changing ambient music and urban ambient art by Scott M2. A new infinite arrangement is created for you every time Ephemeral City is played. Lose yourself in the endless drift of the ephemeral, while walking through your own city, while reading, working, creating, thinking, relaxing or sleeping. This iAlbum can also play in the background while you read your e-mail or e-books or browse the net.

While Ephemeral City weaves a fresh musical arrangement for you every time, you can adjust the density of the mix from a rarefied atmosphere to a full-on flow or from the dark to the light. Set the Timer to define the length of the album. Adjust the speed of the visual transitions to reveal new fusion imagery.

Place your iPhone or iPad in your speaker dock to display the evolving visual art of Scott M2’s surreal cityscapes. Employ the mute button for a pure art experience or turn off your screen for a pure musical experience.

Trailblazing Canadian soundscape artists dreamSTATE (Scott M2 and Jamie Todd) created their first evolving ambient installation in 1996. Now, with the help of ReFla5h the Apptician, they’ve created an infinite multimedia ambient installation for your iPhone, iTouch or iPad (with iOS 5.1.1 or higher).

Welcome to a new paradigm for albums – experience Ephemeral City now.


  • A Tour Guide page walks you through the controls – or just let the iAlbum play.

  • The Control Panel gives you the option of adjusting the music mix and the speed of the visuals.

  • A Timer can turn off the music after 15 minutes or up to 8 hours.

  • Your Mix, Visuals and Timer settings are maintained between visits.

  • A speaker icon mutes or restores the sound without adjusting volume buttons.

  • The ambient art continues to evolve when the sound is muted.

  • You can turn off the screen for long battery life during extended deep listening sessions.

  • An Info section contains bios for the creators and links to more dreamSTATE music.

  • Plays on any iPhone, iTouch or iPad with iOS 5.1.1 or higher.

  • Headphones or quality speakers are recommended for the deepest immersive experience.

The app costs $2.99 on the app store

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