Darko Soundpack (Week 17) (video)

Video description:

“In this soundpack I decided to keep it to one bank, but while one bank means 16 pads, it does not mean 16 samples! I’ve layered almost every pad with numerous variations and samples to add some sway and make your playing a little less robotic sounding. I incorporated some great melody loops to carry it through in song structure and a sound clip from Donnie Darko for some creepy effect. Try to see if you can uncover all the hidden sounds! -Kyle

For this video I also used a template I designed to replicate a Midi Fighter on my iPad using the app Touch OSC, which is wirelessly triggering the drumrack in Ableton. I also used a PS3 Dual Shock Controller to wirelessly trigger samples. (Tutorial and mapping coming soon!)


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Video Credit: Alex Medvick

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