Bleep Labs Nebulophone arpeggiator sync mod with Korg Volca Beats and Keys (video)

Video description:

“The Bleep Labs is an awesome little synth / noise toy with a great arpeggiator. They include an IR receiver and IR output to allow use of infrared to sync the device with a few other devices that use IR SYNC – Andromeda Space Rockers, Autonomous Bassline Generator etc. However, it’s not easy to sync the arp with most synths and drum machines that use midi or trigger voltages to communicate.

I made this really small modification to make that possible – simply remove the IR receiver and the IR transmitter and add 1/4″ jack sockets in their place. Then you can connect any device that sends a trigger to the Nebulophone and the arp will step in time. You can also use the Nebulophone to send the trigger to other devices and have the Nebulophone as your master clock.

Shown here working with Korg Volca Beats and Keys, but you could send a click to it from Logic to trigger it if you experiment a bit with the level. Be warned: the Volcas send 5V and Bleep Labs say that’s okay but anything above 5V might fry the chip.”

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