Olegtron 4060 + Tinysizer Modular Synth #TTNM (video)

Video description:

“Here’s a little improvised video, showing the Olegtron 4060 Signal Generator sequencing and modulating the Tinysizer Analog Synthesizer.”

A small update for Sunvox

Sunvox 1.8.1 is now available for iOS:

  • bigger Compressor visualizer;
  • GPIO module is now available on all devices, but it is fully functional in Linux only;
  • bugs fixed.

Playing Olegtron4060 (video)

Not my video. Very cool stuff though.

SpectrumGen Demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

Support the iOS Music and You podcast

Yep, the iOS Music and You podcast is now on Patreon so you can sign up to support it and it’s future.

iRig Recorder 2 Overview – Effortless stereo recording on your iOS device (video)

Last few hours for that Chimera bC-16 on eBay

It’s got another less than 12 hours to go and it’s stayed at £318 for a while. I wonder how much it’ll end up going for?

Click below to see it on eBay …

Chimera BC-16 tiny patchable synthesizer analog filter MIDI portable modular on eBay

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