Scratch Module for littleBits is on the bitlab

There really are some awesome modules coming up from bitlab. Details of this scratch module here.


Holderness FX Apps – Processing Guitar (video)

New “Mini” FX apps from Holderness Media … Echo Pad, Caramel, Swoopster, Stereo Designer, and Crystalline.


Nic Collins playing at Cafe Oto this Tuesday …

This is an amazing opportunity to see a really innovative electronic musician. Nic Collins is playing at Cafe Oto this Tuesday. I had the opportunity to be on one of his circuit bending courses a few years ago and it was excellent.

Also he wrote the amazing book, Handmade Electronic Music, which I know has influenced a lot of people to get started with their own electronics.

Full details of the show at Cafe Oto are available here.


Elastic Drums New App Preview (video)


I love littleBits, and here’s another reason to buy more modules … Humidity Sensor for LittleBits

You can see more about this module and vote for it too here.


Dew Drops Soundpack (Week16.5) (video)

Video description:

“This soundpack has a mix of happy sounding bells on one side, and then dirty synth sounds on the other. But, they work together! Add to that a mix of a couple of bass/kick combos, a riser with plenty of grain delay, and more. Enjoy this week’s soundpack! -Alex

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Video Credit: Alex Medvick

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It’s sad, but Skoog didn’t make their funding goal …

It’s a real shame, but then not everything makes its funding target, and Skoog hasn’t. The team have posted an update about it here if you want to read it.