How to use guitar with Holderness FX apps + Apogee Jam (video)

New “Mini” FX apps from Holderness Media … Echo Pad, Caramel, Swoopster, Stereo Designer, and Crystalline.

Scratch Module for littleBits is on the bitlab

There really are some awesome modules coming up from bitlab. Details of this scratch module here.

Holderness FX Apps – Processing Guitar (video)

New “Mini” FX apps from Holderness Media … Echo Pad, Caramel, Swoopster, Stereo Designer, and Crystalline.

Nic Collins playing at Cafe Oto this Tuesday …

This is an amazing opportunity to see a really innovative electronic musician. Nic Collins is playing at Cafe Oto this Tuesday. I had the opportunity to be on one of his circuit bending courses a few years ago and it was excellent.

Also he wrote the amazing book, Handmade Electronic Music, which I know has influenced a lot of people to get started with their own electronics.

Full details of the show at Cafe Oto are available here.

Elastic Drums New App Preview (video)

I love littleBits, and here’s another reason to buy more modules … Humidity Sensor for LittleBits

You can see more about this module and vote for it too here.

Dew Drops Soundpack (Week16.5) (video)

Video description:

“This soundpack has a mix of happy sounding bells on one side, and then dirty synth sounds on the other. But, they work together! Add to that a mix of a couple of bass/kick combos, a riser with plenty of grain delay, and more. Enjoy this week’s soundpack! -Alex

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Video Credit: Alex Medvick

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It’s sad, but Skoog didn’t make their funding goal …

It’s a real shame, but then not everything makes its funding target, and Skoog hasn’t. The team have posted an update about it here if you want to read it.

Virtual analog poly heaven, made in Axoloti (video)

Video description:

“Double arpeggiator, 10 voice polysynth with saw, pwm and sine sub-osc, 2 adsr’s, sine and noise lfo. Stereo chorus on top. Raw recording of Axoloti Core, no postproduction. Played with a MIDI keyboard.”

DMT 214: Music Sales, Pono Music Store, UMG & Havas, PJ Harvey, MIDI Vinyl, iTunes 14-day returns

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