AlphaSphere announce a new entry level module

I’ve used an AlphaSphere quite a lot in the last few months and I have to say that I’ve been really impressed with it. I knew that they were planning an entry level unit and now it’s here! The AlphaSphere Me!

I’d expected it to be a lot more expensive than the price they’re offering pre-orders at. £150 is pretty good value for a controller like this.

Anyway, if you’re interested you should take a look at their store page for the new model.


Olegtron* 4060 (video)

Olegtron* 4060 from Samuel van Dijk on Vimeo.

Video description:

“The Olegtron* 4060 is a compact oscillator/divider box capable of creating unique signals and sequences through a revolutionary programming method of sticking components to it’s patchboard. The device can be used as a standalone sound generator that connects with a 3.5mm stereo jack output or to control a wide variety of machines, such as toys or synths with control voltage, clock or gate input.

Here the 4060 is controlling the Anyware Tinysizer through clock and gate signals. The 4060’s output is going through the Tinysizer’s multimode filter. Thanks to Olli Suorlahti for donating this fun and very powerful machine!

Olegtron Mechatronics

I’m a big fan of this little box, it really is awesome and it’s great to see it getting some decent coverage.


An open souce MIDI Sync engine for iOS?

I posted this video of Michael Tyson’s (he of AudioBus and Loopy fame) new open source sync engine. The site for the engine is here where you can sign up for details when they become available.

CDM picked up on this story too and ask some good questions too. This could be a very good thing for iOS, but that of course depends on take up.

I’ll be watching this very closely indeed.


AUFX: Push is coming along …



Elastic Drums in sync with Korg Volca Beats (for Update 1.2)

Video description:

“Elastic Drums in sync with Korg Volca Beats. This time Elastic Drums sends out Midi Clock/Start/Stop signals. Works okay tight, unless you quickly change BPM”


Loopy Masterpiece: MIDI Clock (video)

Video description:

I’m on a bit of a tangent this week, developing an open source MIDI clock implementation.



Holderness FX Apps – Processing Apps With Audiobus (video)

New “Mini” FX apps from Holderness Media … Echo Pad, Caramel, Swoopster, Stereo Designer, and Crystalline.