Auria Pro is coming soon

Well that’s good news. WaveMachine Labs is bringing Auria Pro to us soon, this spring anyway. Here’s what to expect …

Comprehensive MIDI capabilities including:

  • MIDI sequencing
  • Tempo and Time-signature tracks
  • Piano roll editor
  • Real-time MIDI parameters including quantize, velocity shift, velocity compression,
  • length compression, random, delay, legato and transpose
  • Groove template quantizing with built-in DNA grooves (additional grooves available for
  • purchase)
  • MIDI processing functions including Transpose, Fixed Length, Velocity Gain, Fixed
  • Velocity, Delete Notes, Delete Controller, Restrict Polyphony, Optimize Controller Data,
  • Humanize, Delete Overlaps, Crescendo, Reverse, Pedal to Length, Velocity Rescale,
  • Velocity Range, Velocity Curve and Compress/Limit
  • FabFilter Twin 2 Analog synth built in
  • WaveMachine Labs multi-format sampler built in

Other Features:

  • Powerful new audio routing with flexible busses
  • Real-time audio warping using Elastique Pro v3
  • Audio quantize feature
  • Transient slicing
  • Audio to MIDI conversion
  • Unlimited tracks
  • 6 AUX sends
  • Project templates
  • Updated graphics and overall performance improvements

Auria Pro will be available Spring 2015 and will be priced at $49.99 USD, and existing Auria users will also be able to upgrade to Auria Pro for a reduced price. Pricing for the standard Auria version will be $24.99.

So, Figooroo is coming, here’s a quick demo … (video)

Video description:

“Quick demo of the upcoming Figooroo app for iOS (running on iOS simulator)

Music by Missing Figures #MadeWithFigure”

Electribe Jam #3 :Samplr

Video description:

“Please excuse my sloppy finger drumming, also the ipad is not midi synced to the electribe, just pressed play on both to get them in time with each other.”

Samplr on the app store …

AudioKit brings sound and synthesis for iOS and Mac devs

CDM posts about a new free tool set for sound and synthesis in iOS and Mac apps. It sounds really good, but you still need to know about coding to use it. It isn’t a solution for the non programmers.

The AudioKit site has loads of tutorials and examples, so if this is something you wanted to delve into then it’s worth a look.

GuitarCapo+ played with a QuNeo (video)

Video description:

“This video demonstrates how a QuNeo MIDI Pad Controller can be used to controll GuitarCapo+ using the Pad Mode feature. Chords notes from GuitarCapo+ is sent to another app named Alchemy through the MIDI out feature. Audio is sent further with Audiobus through two effect apps named Crystalline and AUFX:Dub.”

Get an MC 202 on iPad? (video)

Description …

“Is it possible to get the Roland MC-202 on the iPad? Yep, just about!”

Sorry, a bit silly I know, but fun!

Don’t forget that the TC-Helicon contest is still on …

If you want to enter the TC-Helicon Voice Jam Studio $12,000 contest you’ve still got plenty of time, all the details are right here. The contest is open until the 5th of February.

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