ToneStack – PolyOCT MultiVoice Octavizer (video)

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A quick & dirty demo of just some of PolyOCT’s capabilities. PolyOCT is a polyphonic octave maker offered in ToneStack, Yonac’s flagship Amps and FX processor. It replicates your input signal one and two octaves below, as well as one and two octaves above. Each octave can be blended in via faders for a huge variety of tones. It also includes an output filter with variable cutoff and resonance, settable detune across the voices as well as an envelope follower.

With its unique 4-voice octave coupling, PolyOCT lets you to dial in enormous wall-of-sound tones with ease. It can also simulate organ, keyboard or bass whether used as a stand alone, or as a unison accompaniment to your guitar.

PolyOCT is on sale (over 50% off) through January 31.

ToneStack is a universal app available on iTunes for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch,

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