haQ attaQ 31 – "Spirit talk" feat. Amazing Noises Reverb FDN

LEGO Sequencer – Monotron & MaKey MaKey (video)

That is so inspiring.

Volca Key’s X 3 (video)

Korg Volcas on eBay

live sampling – octatrack + op-1 + bleepdrum (video)

live sampling – octatrack + op-1 + bleepdrum from j tomes on Vimeo.

Teenage Engineering OP-1s on eBay

Electribe 2 Chilled First Jam (video)

Now you can make Pd patches directly on your Android device

That’s right, Pd (vanilla and not extended) has come to Android. Now you can patch directly on an Android device. I’ve had a little look and it’s not too bad really.

Via Musical Android.

“Winter” iProphet, iPolysix, iElectribe ambient (video)

"Winter" iProphet, iPolysix, iElectribe ambient (video)

MobMuPlat is on Android

Good to see MobMuPlat extending onto Android now.  I’ve installed in on my Nexus and it seems quite stable so far.

Via Musical Android.

How do you organise your apps?

This is something I’ve asked before, but as always, the way people work changes and develops so I’m interested to know how things have changed since I last asked the question, and maybe what’s prompted the change too?
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