midiSequencer 1.11 is another good update

midiSequencer 1.11 has arrived. Here’s what’s new …

  • Setting to enable load last bank/snapshot without any key presses.
  • Adding filename to pf Panel saveBank button
  • Fixed output latency set to 5000ms on initial install – now set to 120ms
  • linked controls are now per type of control (notes, velocity, etc)
  • lock controls – useful for audition & stopping playback mistakes.
  • compressed graphics footprint by 20%
  • fixed odd coloured green key mask for chords
  • improved performance whilst in background
  • Improved performance when IAA/AB host is disconnected/killed.
  • Can now divide output clock by tempo (e.g. 1/2 or 8/1) in options panel – saved in snapshot
  • increased midi echo fx tempo to include slower 8/1,16/1 & 32/1 tempo sync
  • fixed bug with CCs not using values on Cycle reset.

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