iModular makes your iPhone into a module for your actual Modular Synth

iModular looks like it might be an interesting step in the direction of linking the world of iOS to the modular community. As I don’t have a modular set up (yes I’ve resisted it so far) I can’t test this out, but I’m really interested in hearing the feedback from anyone in who does try it out.

Here’s the app store description …

The iModular application turns your iPhone/iPod/iPad into a two channels multifunction module for your modular synthesizer. It can be used as a 6 points Envelope Generator, an Envelope Follower, or Low Frequency Oscillator. The two channels are independent and can be used in different modes at the same time (e.g: channel 1 being an LFO, channel 2 being an Envelope Generator)

When used with the dedicated iModular hardware Eurorack module from BEB, each input channel can be used either as an audio or as a gate, depending on the selected mode in the application.

Each function can be controlled by gate signal, by MIDI or by RTP-MIDI. It is fully programmable (64 user programs are stored within the application) and helps to turn your modular synthesizer into a programmable machine.

iModular application can also be used with Expert Sleepers hardware (note that some limitations apply when used with ES hardware. Please check the iModular user’s manual for the list of these limitations).

iModular costs $3.99 on the app store:

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