Axoloti : a digital audio platform for makers …

I remember seeing this for the first time at Music Tech Fest in September. It’s a pretty impressive device actually so well worth a look at the funding campaign.

Electribe & Samplr Jam (video)

midiSequencer 1.11 is another good update

midiSequencer 1.11 has arrived. Here’s what’s new …

  • Setting to enable load last bank/snapshot without any key presses.
  • Adding filename to pf Panel saveBank button
  • Fixed output latency set to 5000ms on initial install – now set to 120ms
  • linked controls are now per type of control (notes, velocity, etc)
  • lock controls – useful for audition & stopping playback mistakes.
  • compressed graphics footprint by 20%
  • fixed odd coloured green key mask for chords
  • improved performance whilst in background
  • Improved performance when IAA/AB host is disconnected/killed.
  • Can now divide output clock by tempo (e.g. 1/2 or 8/1) in options panel – saved in snapshot
  • increased midi echo fx tempo to include slower 8/1,16/1 & 32/1 tempo sync
  • fixed bug with CCs not using values on Cycle reset.

Arturia iSEM and Elektron Monomachine demo plus Eventide Space

35 minute Live hardware jam Korg Volca Sample, New Electribe, Monotribe, Teenage Engineering OP-1 (video)

Teenage Engineering OP-1s on eBay

Korg Volcas on eBay

Chiptune Guitar looks like fun

This looks like a fun app …

Chiptune Guitar is a music app like no other. Featuring 12 instruments sampled from vintage hardware emulation, Chiptune Guitar lets you customize a grid of twelve fully-selectable chord slots to play virtually any song on instruments derived from authentic chiptune sounds.

Chiptune Guitar costs $1.99 on the app store:

KORG volca – Love Is Calling Me (Judy Ongg) (video)

Korg Volcas on eBay

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