First experiments with the Olegtron 4060 (video)

I got this for Christmas, and I have to say that I’m really impressed with it. It is loads of fun to mess around with, and I’m looking forward to connecting it up to some other gear soon.

DJ Sybian – Embedded (video)

Video description:


Made in Sunvox on an iPhone 6 Plus.”

DJ Sybian – Deranged Drive (video)

Video description:


Made in Caustic 3 on an iPhone 6 Plus.”

Elastic Drums – IAA sync (video)

Synth-Q for iPad has arrived

Introducing the queuing synthesizer for iPad from the maker of 76 Synthesizer …

Synth-Q has been designed from the ground up with the touchscreen interface in mind. Synth-Q is a subtractive synthesizer with a customizable interface. A unique module queuing system, resizable multi-octave keyboard, and intuitive cable-based modulation controls offer a truly dynamic music-making experience for iOS.

Each part of the synth is separated into units called modules. Each module snaps into place along a scrollable surface above the keyboard.

Control the number of modules shown on the screen at any time. Control which modules appear for each sound.

Tap a button on the module menu to launch a module and add it to the queue.

Drag a module up and release to remove it from the queue.

Drag a module down to move it within the queue.

Add variability to your sound by connecting different modules using virtual cables.

Alter the sound with synth-Q’s movable keys.

Synth-Q provides an intuitive and engaging way to get started creating your own sounds, and is ideal for production, performance and music education environments.

Full feature list:


  • three oscillators — sine, triangle, saw, square, pulse and resonant noise waves
  • three adsrs — amp, filter and modulation envelopes
  • filter with lowpass, hipass, bandpass, band-reject and peak filter modes
  • glide
  • frequency modulation oscillator
  • ring modulation oscillator
  • eight modulation bays with virtual cables enable interactions between modules
  • three tempo-syncable LFOs with sine, triangle, saw, reverse saw, square, random curve and random step waves
  • two XY matrix pads
  • XY keys module turns the keyboard’s movable keys into modulation sources
  • two FX slots with chorus, flanger, phaser, reverb, tremolo, distortion, delay and bitcrush
  • analog simulation with soft clipping and random pitch wavering
  • midi module with pitch bender, modwheel and velocity
  • master volume control


  • multi-octave resizable keyboard with 4-voice polyphonic, monophonic and legato modes
  • optional “sticky keys” mode locks each key to your finger after being pressed
  • when used as a modulation source, sound can be altered by moving the keys in different directions
  • unique rearrangeable module queueing area defines which controls are present per preset
  • fully featured preset menu system with options to share and import via e-mail or iTunes File Sharing
  • import presets directly from iOS mail by tapping and holding the attachment and pressing “Open in synth-Q”
  • functional graphic design and layout eliminates screen switching by keeping the control modules and keyboard in constant view


  • Audiobus support with Inter-App Audio
  • A=432Hz, A=440Hz and A=444Hz tuning modes
  • 44100k Hz, 32000 Hz and 22050 Hz sampling rate modes
  • MIDI input and output per channel
  • basic recording feature to save, play, loop, and share recordings
  • import .WAV files from iTunes File Sharing for playback
  • parallax motion effects

Synth-Q costs $4.99 on the app store:

DJ Sybian – cankercore (video)

Video description:


Made in Caustic 3 on an iPhone 6 Plus.”

Wilsonic arrives to appeal to the microtonal you …

Wilsonic is the kind of app that I think it’s great that we can still see come to iOS. Here are the details …

Wilsonic is your portal to new musical universes. Ervin Wilson’s 65 years of tuning research and discovery are now at your fingertips. By touching, hearing, and feeling Wilson’s designs you can break free of the limits of the 12 note scale used by historical musical instruments to pioneer new music never-before heard by mankind.

The app features 3 of Wilson’s most profound scale designs. Your hands and ears naturally find new melodic patterns and harmonies that touch on those feelings and emotions you couldn’t find before. When you find that perfect scale export it as a Scala file to tune up your favorite software synthesizers. Share your favorite scales with your friends.

No previous knowledge of music theory is required. These tonal worlds are based on an entirely unique mode of thought that has little to do with historical musical thinking.

Wilsonic is Audiobus 2.x compatible.

The app costs $2.99

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