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THEM – Ambient/drone live solo set (video)

Video description:

“Novation Mininova midi to iPad Air using Alesis io DockII, EHX Stereo Memory Man all mixed through a Roland VS-1680. Apps used on iPad are the Novation Launchkey, Moog Animoog, Strange Attractor, DROM

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Got a music tech start up?

Then you should seriously consider being on the DIG index provided by Rockol. You can find the index here. DIG stands for Deep Innovation Growth Index, and it aims to become the comprehensive music-tech index and database, filling a gap in the market and acting as a point of reference for entrepreneurs, startups, angel and VC investors as well as journalists, government bodies and professional service providers.

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FLUX:FX – Yori Swart vocal a cappella – "Weigh In Weigh Out" (video)

Video description:

“FLUX:FX live – This video shows the amazing Dutch singer Yori Swart doing a kind of free mash up of a few of her tracks to demonstrate how FLUX:FX can be used on vocals. For this demo we have Daniel Rowland controlling the effects, but this is obviously very easy for the singer to do themselves by mounting the iPad on the mic stand.

Yori is singing through a Shure SM58 into an Alesis IODock with an iPad4 running FLUX:FX for the compression, filtering, reverbs, delays and forward/reverse loopage. The sound is live from the room via the camera mic. Daniel kicks in the “Octave Shift” effect around 1.30 to give a bass accompaniment.

FLUX:FX is a multi-effect audio processor app for the iPad that lets you ‘play’ your effects. Innovative, intuitive and exciting, FLUX:FX lets you manipulate any audio signal into something entirely new, and redefines the possibilities of audio design and live performance in an app with an almost unlimited range of effect options. FLUX:FX is a truly authentic digital platform for designing your sound. Featuring more than 30 modular effects blocks, a master Performance view with 1-touch interaction, an advanced Edit view with multi-touch and full assignment possibilities, and an innovative Sequencer view to bring motion to the audio signal, this app allows the user to easily create previously unheard sounds. Fully compatible with Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and MIDI, FLUX:FX is made to connect seamlessly with existing live rigs and studio workflows. Designed and built by the collective NOIISE – incorporating the acclaimed US guitarist Adrian Belew, mobile specialists MOBGEN and audio experts Elephantcandy.

Full details on the FLUX:FX application can be found at http://flux.noii.se

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iRig Mic Field Audio-video stereo field microphone (video)

I remember seeing this at Musikmesse early in the year. It looks great and I think I may have to get one.

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Mr Concreted0g talks about MIDI Thing

Long time friend and now collaborator, Mr Concreted0g talks about the project that we’re now working together on, the MIDI Thing. Read what he’s got to say right here.

And very soon we’ll have a page where you can sign up for more information about MIDI Thing.

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Bleep Labs Nebulophone Synthesizer on eBay

Here’s a nice little Bleep Labs Nebulophone Synthesizer on eBay going for a reasonable price I think.

Bleep Labs Nebulophone Synthesizer on eBay

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iPad Music App Korg Gadget Kingston (video)

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Octatrack AMBIENT SPACE jam MS-20 mini NASA Samples VOLCA Guitar (Elektron) #29 (video)

Korg Volcas on eBay

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That Chimera Synthesis bC8 is still on eBay

I did say that I thought it was overpriced, and it hasn’t sold as yet and has no bids either. Still, it is very nice, and if it was a bit cheaper (ok a lot cheaper) I’d get one.

Chimera Synthesis bC8 micro-synthesiser on eBay

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I’m on Instagram, just saying … again

I mentioned this before, but in case you’re interested I’m also on Instagram here. Just thought I’d let you know, that’s all.

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