It appears that there’s still plenty of stuff on sale for now

I’ve just been through everything on the “Apps on sale” page and it seems that there’s still plenty of things going cheap right now, which is good to know.

Also it appears that the whole EU VAT thing hasn’t hit in the way we thought, or at the very least no yet anyway. So that’s good news for now.

Start saving up … There’s something new coming from Teenage Engineering in a month!

Remember this? Not too long to wait now …

Octatrack and Teenage OP-1 Jam (video)

Teenage Engineering OP-1s on eBay

Korg Volca Keys, SoundMaster SR-88, Doepfer Darktime (video)

Korg Volca Keys, SoundMaster SR-88, Doepfer Darktime from HoltzElectro on Vimeo.

Korg Volcas on eBay

If you have a Mute Synth II extras kit and dotmatrix this will help

The Dirty Electronics Orchestra have posted this handy PDF on how to use the dotmatrix display with the new mute synth II. Very useful indeed.

Making Beats with the Touch Board (video)

KORG Gadget plays Chopin (video)

Video description:

“Programing ‘Etude Op.10 No.1’ with KORG Gadget and Sound Module.”

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