Upcoming iPad-synth Pepp playing at random (video)

Video description:

“Can machines make music by themselves? What would happen if you told Pepp to make up something at random? I just did.. Enjoy the Pepp machine! Available soon for iPhone and iPad.”

PeppAdvent2 (video)

Video description:

“Second advent! And wouldn’t you know it… Today we hooked up Pepp to Ableton Live again! This time with the Swedish christmas song “Gläns över sjö och strand”. Also got some close-ups of the app with my fathers camera. Enjoy!”

Pepp Jam (video)

Video description:

“Over the last couple days I’ve cleaned up and reworked large parts of the Pepp sound engine as well as the midi sync code. The result is great sounds and rock solid midi sync, even running multiple iOS devices over WIFI. Here’s a quick impromptu video I shot with my iPhone. Sound is actually recorded with the iPhone bult-in mic so kind of messy but you get the idea..”

AudioShare 2.7 has arrived and is massive (as we expected it would be)

Here’s what’s new in AudioShare 2.7:


  • New and improved visual design.
  • Auto-zoom when trimming audio.
  • Apply fade in/out when trimming audio.
  • New built-in text editor for taking notes.
  • WiFi Drive: Access the library and upload files from any web browser on your local network.
  • Allow access to Document Providers from within AudioShare on iOS 8, for example iCloud Drive.
  • Include a Document Picker app extension to allow other apps to access the AudioShare library directly on iOS 8.
  • Support iPhone 6 and 6+ screen resolutions.
  • Scroll up to reveal a Search Bar to search the current folder.
  • Support 24 and 32 bits recording and conversion.


  • New waveform display with doubled resolution, that shows RMS as well as peak levels.
  • Waveform display now reads both channels for stereo files.
  • Allow sorting on size as well as name and date.
  • Auto-start a file when opening it if another file was already playing.
  • Tap navigation bar folder title to show navigation menu.
  • Group multiple Inter-App Audio node ports in ‘folders’.
  • Inter-App Audio sync: send play & rec flags to connected nodes when recording.
  • Show play progress on preview buttons.
  • Display helpful instructions when Inter-App Audio zombie node detected.
  • When opening a zip file, ask to unpack instead of opening an empty detail view.
  • Check microphone permissions before starting recording.
  • Use a separate iTunes File Sharing folder for access from computer (iTunes, iFunBox, etc). This folder is not available in the Document Picker extension.
  • Fix crash in case of web download timeout.
  • Fix crash when clearing general pasteboard.
  • Update TheAmazingAudioEngine for upstream bug fixes.
  • Update Audiobus SDK for upstream bug fixes.
  • Several small and big tweaks of the user interface.
  • Update file listing in background, improves user experience and startup time on big folders and/or slow devices.

However, the app’s price has gone up now, so if you missed out on the recent sale price you’re now looking at $4.99 for this excellent swiss army knife of audio.

EGLM1 – LM1 Drum Machine goes universal

EGLM1 – LM1 Drum Machine gets updated and is now a fully universal version. Also got some minor bugs fixed too.

Useful Gadget tips from Korg

DrumPerfect gets a big, and fairly MIDI oriented update

Here’s all that’s new in DrumPerfect:

  • Extensive midi-in support: note and control messages, coremidi and virtual midi ports, configurable channel filter per port, configurable control filter per port, midi learn for note and control messages, note recording, midi file import via iTunes and Open-in from other apps.
  • Midi file export via iTunes, Dropbox and Open-in.
  • Audio file import via Open-in from other apps (wav, m4a).
  • Improved midiclock sync.
  • UI refinements, 6 themes.
  • Linked sets can be played at configurable intervals.
  • Overwrite drum kit in song mode.
  • Hihat pedal emulation.
  • Configurable metronome.
  • Option for laidback feel of instruments in pattern.
  • Option for auto normalization of rendered audio.
  • Open-in export option.
  • Color labeling of song patterns.
  • Audio buffer length control.
  • Updated to Audiobus SDK 2.1.5.
  • Native 64-bit support.
  • Various bug fixes.

More Borderlands news

Something new coming from the developer of Audio Mastering, Master FX etc …

Looking pretty good … There’s no detail really, but you can read what there is on the developer’s site.

Reverb FDN by Amazing Noises Demo and Tutorial for iPad

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