My 24 apps for Christmas: 24 – Bhajis Loops and Microbe

You may have been wondering what the final app was going to be, and then realised that it was almost certainly going to be Bhajis Loops after the post on miniMuisc. Well I could hardly leave these amazing and hugely influential apps out of any list of mine, could I?

I last mentioned both Bhajis Loops and Microbe on so many occasions, and I think as part of my 24 apps of 2012 as well, which is probably no surprise either. Of course both of these are still completely free to use should you have, or decide to acquire a Palm OS device running Palm OS 5, ideally an old Pam Tungsten T3 from eBay or a Palm Tungsten TX. You can’t use either of these on iOS, although there is an emulator for jailbroken devices if you’ve gone down that route, but it isn’t brilliant, and to be fair you need the native hardware to get a view on what Bhajis can do.

Of course I secretly (although not so secretly now as I’m about to tell you all) still hold out the tiniest of hopes that Bhajis will somehow come to iOS, or even Android! But of course this won’t happen. The developer has made that very clear indeed, and I understand his reasons. However, I still think (and I’m not alone in this) that Bhajis Loops was one of the most complete and innovative mobile music apps ever.

Finally, if you’re interested, I’ve put out a couple of unfinished collections of pieces which were both made using Bhajis which you can find on Bandcamp if you’re interested.  Also you might want to check out this old post about constructing a £50 mobile music studio, it’ll tell you a lot more about Bhajis and what it does.

So that’s my list for this year.  It’s been fun going through them. Some I thought I’d have on the list didn’t make it, and a couple of very new apps did.

If you’ve missed any, or just want to go back over the series, you can find all the entries by clicking on the ‘featured‘ tag.


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