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24 apps of Christmas: 23 – miniMusic …

We’re nearly at the end of the list now and down to the final two, and if you’ve been a reader of Palm Sounds for any length of time it’ll come as no surprise that it’s miniMusic. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then just to be clear, it isn’t an app, or rather it is a company that makes apps, but not all iOS apps.

miniMusic is really where my own journey into mobile music began, on a Palm PDA, and quite a long time ago now. miniMusic made some of the first Palm OS apps that allowed you to make music, and back in the early days that was a really big deal, a really really big deal in fact.

I’d say that if it wasn’t for miniMusic and the Palm OS I wouldn’t have started talking and writing about mobile music. So I’ve got a lot to thank them for. In fact I ended up corresponding a good deal with Chad from miniMusic who’s always been really helpful and supportive, right from the beginning of Palm Sounds.

So what does miniMusic do? Well thay’ve made loads of Palm apps, things like BeatPad, NotePad, MixPad and SoundPad. These apps were the building blocks of making music on the Palm OS in the early days, and as Palm OS 5 arrived they evolved and developed into a great little ecosystem of apps for making music.

Then miniMusic evolved too and started making iOS apps too. That is, they made two and released one. The one that got released is called PianoFly. Sadly it hasn’t been updated in quite a while, but when it was released it was pretty excellent. Their second app was going to be called Tympanum, but again sadly it hasn’t every come out, and I’m not sure that it will now.

Even so I still like to mess around with their old Palm apps on occasion. Especially with external MIDI gear.

So I think I have a lot to thank miniMusic for. I still hold out a slight hope that they might do something new or update stuff in the future, but even if they never do, I’ll always be a fan.

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Korg Module: XmasJam "Silent Night" (video)

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iCathedral Organ by Crudebyte Demo and Tutorial for iPad

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New ELECTRIBE Review! Part – A Unboxing Day and first Tracks! (video)

Video description:

“This is what we’ve been waiting for – ELECTRIBE 2 arrives in the USA! Here is my unboxing and the first part of my review – more video soon. Subscribe, ask questions and make requests.

All music featured in this video is my original composition, played with the synthesizer I am reviewing.”

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A Voice Jam Studio Merry Christmas 2014 (video)

Video description:

“I used Voice Jam Studio for percussion, vocals, and background harmony, then layered in guitar separately. The bells and chimes came from my android phone. Voice Jam Studio is so easy to create exciting work in.”

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Audio Evolution Mobile 3.5.4 released

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A reminder that the Korg sale runs until the 31st

Don’t forget that the Korg sale has been extended so that all of their apps remain on sale until the 31st of December!

Here’s what’s on offer:

And don’t forget that Korg’s latest app has launched. Module arrived and is at its launch price of $29.99, which is 25% off the normal price of $39.99 which it will go back up to on the 31st.

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Reminder … VirSyn apps on sale until the 31st

There’s lots of good deals to be had at the moment, especially from VirSyn. Their apps are 50% off until the end of the year. Here’s what’s on offer:


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I’m on Instagram, just saying … again

I mentioned this before, but in case you’re interested I’m also on Instagram here. Just thought I’d let you know, that’s all.

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Weinglas – Droneworks with Nintendo and Korg DSN-12 (video)

Video description:

“Weinglas’ first use of the Korg DSN-12 for Nintendo 3DS! What a great and light way to travel with a (semi-)modular synthesizer.

The perfect (christmas) present for every musician ore every child of a musician (and not only if you are to late to get something else ;)”

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