My 24 apps of Christmas: 21 – Audiobus

It sort of goes without saying that Audiobus is in this list, but really ‘sort of’ isn’t actually good enough. Sometimes it’s worth actually remembering what things were like before Audiobus came along and made iOS music making a lot easier. Back then making music on the iPhone and the iPad was a bit of a struggle. In fact that was an understatement, but Audiobus 1 made life easier and it just kept getting better and better after that.

So I think we’ve got a lot to thank Audiobus for. They’ve done a fine job in the 2 years they’ve been around.

Remember this … I wonder what AB3 will be like?


My 24 apps of Christmas: 20 – Caustic

So I got a little behind again with the 24 list, but here we are catching up. So number 20 on my list is Caustic, which is a truly amazing app that can do almost everything you could want it to do. It has multiple synths and instruments and even has its own very powerful modular built in too.

If that wasn’t enough it’s also cross platform too, running on iOS and Android. Like many apps of its nature it has a very loyal following and also there are some great examples of tracks made using Caustic.

If that wasn’t enough the developer has now released an editor for the Volca Sample too. My expectation is that this developer will just keep on innovating and bringing us new stuff.

Here’s what arrived in the latest major version of the app, 3.1:

If you don’t know it then I can thoroughly recommend it.