SQU4R-3 comes to Lemur

Twisted Tools and Lemur guru Antonio Blanca present SQU4R-3:

Taking full advantage of the new Canvas object, Antonio created a beautiful and inspiring environment to quickly create variations of your sounds. Assign the 8 control points to your synthesis or sound design parameters and then use SQU4R-3’s various functions to explore your soundspace. Create presets, apply slight or massive randomisation for a generative flavour, morph or even rotate the whole field to discovere unexpected variations. The attractive design makes it a pleasure to design your macro controls and accelerate your workflow.

Read about Antonio’s Lemur design tips in this interview, a key read for anybody serious about using Lemur.

Features include:

  • Eight control points with XY locks
  • Eight presets with copy/paste
  • Morph between presets
  • Rotate the field
  • Apply offsets or randimisation
Visit Twisted Tools for more great Lemur projects and sound design products.

Lemur on the app store:

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