SQU4R-3 comes to Lemur

Twisted Tools and Lemur guru Antonio Blanca present SQU4R-3:

Taking full advantage of the new Canvas object, Antonio created a beautiful and inspiring environment to quickly create variations of your sounds. Assign the 8 control points to your synthesis or sound design parameters and then use SQU4R-3’s various functions to explore your soundspace. Create presets, apply slight or massive randomisation for a generative flavour, morph or even rotate the whole field to discovere unexpected variations. The attractive design makes it a pleasure to design your macro controls and accelerate your workflow.

Read about Antonio’s Lemur design tips in this interview, a key read for anybody serious about using Lemur.

Features include:

  • Eight control points with XY locks
  • Eight presets with copy/paste
  • Morph between presets
  • Rotate the field
  • Apply offsets or randimisation
Visit Twisted Tools for more great Lemur projects and sound design products.

Lemur on the app store:

Happy Holidays | jamstik | Carol of the Bells (video)

Song created and performed with the jamstik https://www.jamstik.com

Got a music tech start up?

Then you should seriously consider being on the DIG index provided by Rockol. You can find the index here. DIG stands for Deep Innovation Growth Index, and it aims to become the comprehensive music-tech index and database, filling a gap in the market and acting as a point of reference for entrepreneurs, startups, angel and VC investors as well as journalists, government bodies and professional service providers.

AMPLIFi: A Day In The Life Of A Guitar Tone | Line 6 (video)

Video description:

“Come join The Publisher, The Tweaker and The Instructor as they show you how the Line 6 AMPLIFi guitar amp can connect guitarists from all over the globe, allowing them to create, share and tweak guitar tones from anywhere they happen to be.”

I’m on Instagram, just saying …

In case you’re interested I’m also on Instagram here.

Arturia Beatstep & iOS Music Apps (video)

Arturia Beatstep controlling different iOS Music Apps.


bitLab Graduates Class of December 2014!

Great news! The bleeplabs bleep drum module is now going into production from littleBits. So there bitlabs crowdsourced hardware platform is showing some real results now.

Read their whole post here.

Also the Oscilloscope is getting produced too.

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