Making Deep House loops with an iPad (video)

Video description:

“Download all the loops that I created in the video for free at

Check out SoundPrism Electro here

Some peeps asked me about loop making with an iPad. Here is a real quick demo using Soundprism’s Electro (seen in part 1) Phase84 (seen in part 2) and FL Studio Mobile to make a quick Deep House set. This is just a simple 2 bar loop. In the demo you will see an iPad IO Dock connected to my DAW via Midi I/O. I play a simple patterns and sequence them in my DAW. I plan to add more parts ie leads, builds, SFX, etc if you’re interested. I can use some other apps from the iPad for this if you like. Let me know what app you would like to hear next Sorry for the low audio recording. I did this so quick for you I didn’t run a direct audio feed to the camera. I will next time. I did however mix the stems down in full quality 24 bit wav for you to download and play with at your leisure. This was literally off the proverbial cuff so to speak. I invested about 10 mins of time into it lol most of which was looking for a second midi cable for the midi out of the IO Dock. The rest of the time I spent later on mixing the loops down for you and editing the final video. As you can see I work pretty fast lol!!!!”

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