MIDI Designer Pro 1.7 arrives

Here’s what’s new in MIDI Designer Pro 1.7:

1.7 is our 29th update. We’ve been in the App Store for over three years with more than 200,000 downloads. You, our users, are smart, passionate and articulate. Thank you for your invaluable feedback, testing and dialog: with your help and support we keep pushing MIDI Designer forward.

Our Community has grown! You’ve shared layouts to control gear and apps from Akai, Casio, Dave Smith Instruments, EnergyXT2, Eventide, IK Multimedia, Jomox, Kawai, Korg, Line6, Moog, Mutable Instruments, Novation, Peavey, Pioneer, Roland, Sequential Circuits, Sugar Bytes, Sonic Charge, Sonic Potions, Strymon, A Tasty Pixel, TC Electronic, ValhallaDSP, Waldorf, WTPA, and Yamaha.

Version 1.7 is a mix of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. These mostly affect advanced users and anyone using other authors’ layouts.

New Features Include:

  • Page Copy and Make Similar
  • New subcontrol option for Send Current Value
  • Bit Changers (for legacy gear like the DX7)
  • New supercontrol option for First Available Sub for buttons

Fixes Include:

  • Issues with Presets for Groups & Channel Changers for saving, loading and appending
  • All duplicate send issues resolved
  • Fixed bugs for iOS 8 and use with other iOS apps

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