Caustic Editor for Volca Sample arrives, and it’s free

It hasn’t been long since Korg announced their SDK for the Volca Sample and here’s the first iOS app that’s arrived to make good use of it.

Use Caustic’s powerful waveform editor to import, load, record, edit and upload samples for use with your KORG Volca Sample device.


  • Audiobus compatible (receiver)
  • AudioShare compatible (import/export)
  • AudioCopy/Paste compatible (import/export)
  • iTunes file sharing support
  • Open In… support for .wav files.
  • Supports any uncompressed, mono or stereo WAV, at any sampling rate or bit depth.
  • Apply any of 16 of Caustic’s effects and preview them in real-time, then stamp down and apply more.
  • Process waveform audio with Fade In/Out, Normalize, Amplify, Reverse operations and more.
  • Use Caustic’s C-SFXR to generate retro video game samples.
  • Trim audio precisely, down to individual samples.
  • View the frequency spectrum of your audio.

Volca sample-specific features:

  • Upload to any of the 100 sample slots
  • Clear all samples
  • Restore factory samples
  • Monitor device memory

This is not an official KORG app, it is made by Rej Poirier / SingleCellSoftware using the KORG volca sample SDK.

Visit for a free desktop (Windows/Mac) version and also the Android version too.

Caustic Editor for Volca Sample is free on the app store:

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