WII module for the LittleBits system (video)

WII module for the LittleBits system from minigorille on Vimeo.

Video description:

The WII BIT is a very simple but powerful module, it allowed to connect to a Wii Nunchuck and as 4 outputs.

The WII Nunchuck as 4 sensors :

  • XY Joystick
  • XY Accelerometer
  • Z & C two press buttons

The WII BIT module outputs :
X & Y outputs – Pulse Width Modulation, great to fade an LED or other Output module. Pair really well with an Oscillator !

Z & C outputs – High or Low ( 5 or 0v)

By default XY output values from the Joystick.
If you press C, XY output values from the accelerometer.

The Wii Nunchuck connect directly on the WII BIT module without having to cut or hack the WII connector.

The WII BIT is built around an Atmega 328, Ive use through hole soldering for easier prototyping but it could very easily be made with Surface Mount Component for a clean look.

This module is a working prototype and will be submitted to the Bitlab, it is not an official LittleBits module.

But I’m still waiting for MIDI, CV, and Audio bits …

New littleBits Arduino module. You focus on the code. We’ll focus on the electronics. Shop Now!

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