My 24 apps of Christmas: 14 – Donut

You might not know this app. It’s quite old (about 3 years) and hasn’t seen an update in a long time sadly. But it is still brilliant. It is also not easy to understand or get to grips with, or, for that matter, to properly explain what it does. However, I love the results I’ve got with it.

Here’s what the app store description says:

“You can use it like a phrase looper, by recording horizontally while using the step controls to step through vertical recording position. You can use it as a realtime processor by using ThruRecord mode. You can record and playback at completely differently speeds. You can even record backwards! You can record and playback diagonally across the Donut™ surface, creating glitchy staccato sounds. You can record and playback with multiple heads, recording or playing multiple positions at once. You can spread the heads vertically to access different portions of the Donut™, or you can spread them horizontally to create an echo effect.”

But you should also read this which gives a much longer and comprehensive description of the app, and maybe this video will help too.

But from my perspective it’s one of those app which I’ve really enjoyed because of the creative potential it has, and to show that here’s a track I made using it.

Donut from the Strange Agency on the app store:

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