This is one of those apps that I’ve really got to grips with when I’ve spent enough time with it and then when I leave it for a while I can’t remember what I’m doing anymore. That might not sound like a great reason to put it into my list of 24 apps for Christmas. Good point. But I think that SECTOR is an app that you can enjoy on lots of levels.

On the one hand you can play the projects included with the app and just have a load of fun mangling stuff. On the other hand you can spend a bit of time understanding what the app does and load your own loops in and really experience what SECTOR is all about.

I don’t think that either modes of play are right or wrong. I think there’s a huge amount of enjoyment to be had from just playing with this app, and that, I believe is how we should look at music software. In terms of what we get out of just playing with it.

So SECTOR goes on my list for 2014. I hope that both it and its developer keep going and delivering excellent and innovative experiences in 2015 and beyond.

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