My 24 apps of Christmas: 14 – Donut

You might not know this app. It’s quite old (about 3 years) and hasn’t seen an update in a long time sadly. But it is still brilliant. It is also not easy to understand or get to grips with, or, for that matter, to properly explain what it does. However, I love the results I’ve got with it.

Here’s what the app store description says:

“You can use it like a phrase looper, by recording horizontally while using the step controls to step through vertical recording position. You can use it as a realtime processor by using ThruRecord mode. You can record and playback at completely differently speeds. You can even record backwards! You can record and playback diagonally across the Donut™ surface, creating glitchy staccato sounds. You can record and playback with multiple heads, recording or playing multiple positions at once. You can spread the heads vertically to access different portions of the Donut™, or you can spread them horizontally to create an echo effect.”

But you should also read this which gives a much longer and comprehensive description of the app, and maybe this video will help too.

But from my perspective it’s one of those app which I’ve really enjoyed because of the creative potential it has, and to show that here’s a track I made using it.

Donut from the Strange Agency on the app store:

moog werkstatt-01 connect with division-b MOCM (arduino based synth) (video)

Really interesting noises.

My 24 apps of Christmas: 13 – Jasuto

So Jasuto is a long time favourite. When it arrived on the app store it was a complete revelation, the most incredible of apps, and of course it still is.

But back then who’d have thought that we’d see a modular synth of any description arrive for an iPhone!

I remember when it arrived it took me a while to get my head round it, but once I’d got the hang of it everything fell into place, and, just like riding a bike, I’ve always found it easy to make stuff since then.

Of course Jasuto is cross platform too. There’s an Android version, although I’ve never tried it myself I’m glad to know that it’s there. Of course there was a time when we all felt that Jasuto had been abandoned. I’m glad to say that it wasn’t, and I really hope that it’ll keep on moving forward and stay there at the forefront of iOS modulars.

After all that I haven’t made anything in it for a while, but with a bit of holiday time coming up I think it’s around time that I got back to making some interesting bits and pieces again. If I do I’ll share them up soon too.

So if you don’t know Jasuto and you’ve got even a passing interest in modular synthesis, then you should really take a look.

Amazing Noises Reverb: iOS App preview (video)

Video description:

“This is a preview, more info soon at

The Amazing Noises Reverb is a Feedback Delay Network (FDN) Reverb Effect, which can create nice reverberated ambiences, from small rooms to huge buildings. It can also simulate alien and unreal spaces, for your experimental fun!”

My 24 apps of Christmas: 12 – SECTOR

This is one of those apps that I’ve really got to grips with when I’ve spent enough time with it and then when I leave it for a while I can’t remember what I’m doing anymore. That might not sound like a great reason to put it into my list of 24 apps for Christmas. Good point. But I think that SECTOR is an app that you can enjoy on lots of levels.

On the one hand you can play the projects included with the app and just have a load of fun mangling stuff. On the other hand you can spend a bit of time understanding what the app does and load your own loops in and really experience what SECTOR is all about.

I don’t think that either modes of play are right or wrong. I think there’s a huge amount of enjoyment to be had from just playing with this app, and that, I believe is how we should look at music software. In terms of what we get out of just playing with it.

So SECTOR goes on my list for 2014. I hope that both it and its developer keep going and delivering excellent and innovative experiences in 2015 and beyond.

Skoog 2.0 Bluetooth test (video)

Skoog 2.0 Bluetooth test from Skoogmusic on Vimeo.

Still making headway on Indiegogo …

If you want to find it then click on this link to see their campaign page on Indiegogo.

My 24 apps of Christmas: 11 – Genome

Probably the MIDI sequencer I’ve used the most over the years and the one which I’m most eagerly awaiting an update for. So, why is it so good? I know lots of people don’t like it, or for that matter bleep!BOX either, mainly because of the workflow and UI. I can sort of understand that. However, when you get past any discomfort with those you’ll find an amazing MIDI sequencer that is able to control just about everything you could ever wish for.

That’s why I love it. Using it to control lost of gear with lots of CC assignments is awesome. It handle anything you can through at it with ease, and that’s why I’m really looking forward to Genome 2 when it arrives, as I’ll be able to model everything in one place. It’s going to be great. Really great.

So if you don’t know it, I’d suggest you take a look.

Here’s another look at version 2. I posted this and a number of other videos earlier today.

Genome on the app store:

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