That was a week, here are the highlights!

So, here we are again at round time once more. It’s been a week since the last round up and we’re nearly at the end of 2014. So here are the highlights from the last week.

Monday 8th:

Tuesday 9th:

  • Auxy gets a new design and new features! You can save now!
  • My 24 apps No 9 is MultiTrack DAW.

Wednesday 10th:

Thursday 11th:

  • The KDJ-One gets funded
  • And Phoenard is also fully funded as its campaign comes to an end
  • We get a little update on what’s happening with Genome 2, which was nice
  • And the Mikme recording app arrives on the app store
  • iMaschine gets on the bus!
  • And FM4 for iPad arrives and is on sale for only $0.99 until the end of the month

Friday 12th:

Saturday 13th:

  • So of course Satrurday was a regular round up of SoundCloud tracks, but also had a few bits worth noting, for example …
    • An Andromeda Space Rocker Mk4 turned up on eBay, together with a Mk1 as well, and a Pico Paso too.
  • And of course, Humtap arrived too

So that was the week’s highlights from me. Enjoy what’s left of your weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow for more mobile music news.

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