This could be brilliant for discovering, and leaving, interesting sounds

I love the idea of this, at least the idea that lots of sound artists could take it and turn it into something very different from what it is meant to be. I’m going to give it a go myself and start leaving sounds around London soon, so if you are using it, or start to use it, please let me know.

Here’s the app’s description from the store:

Recho lets you record a sound and stitch it to where it was recorded. Your recording is now available for everyone, but to listen they have to be at that exact place.

Use Recho for stories, guides, poetry, games, tips and secrets. Your recordings on Recho will stay at its place forever, so future listeners can hear the echoes of the past.

What’s New in Version 2.0

Recho 2.0 is here! All essential features for the full Recho experience are finally integrated.

Private rechoes
You are now able to create rechoes that only selected friends can listen to. Great for your personal recordings.

New recording flow
Recording gets a big update, where you are prompted to share and recommend your content before placing it in the world.

Social media shares
You can recommend a recho to both facebook and twitter. The more active users, the more fun.

New categories
We have updated the categories to more compelling descriptions. Hope you find them inspiring.

There are a series of improvements all over the app.

  • Walk to a specific recho you selected, with a distance counter.
  • Swipe between panels in menus.
  • Log in without email verification.
  • Learn with a new tutorial.
  • Overall design improvements.

Recho is free at the app store:

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