Remembering the awesome things that Lucky Frame did … Mujik …

I still love this. Loads. The concept and execution are amazing.

FunkFormer Soundpack (Week 12.5) (video)

Video description:

“Built around a few of samples that sound like a transformer going nuts, this soundpack still has a funky groove. Hence: FunkFormer. Have fun with this soundpack, and If you want, envision a funky transformer dancing. – Alex

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DMT 212: Indian Music Market, Apple, YouTube Rights, Grooveshark, Piracy, SoundCloud, Vinyl

Congratulations Korg Gadget

Sad news from Lucky Frame, very sad indeed.

This is so sad. I’ve been a big fan of Lucky Frame from their very first app onwards and I’m so sorry to see them go now. Their initial experiment in music was brilliant, and I’m still very fond of Mujic which was, to say the least, innovative and a beautiful.

I also really appreciated their games, which were excellent too. My favourite being Wave Trip which I still play occasionally and is one of the best music based games I know.

So whilst I can appreciate the reasons they’ve given in this statement it’s still a big shame and a I will miss their work. I wish them all the best and hope that one day they might release something musical again.

All the best Lucky Frame, thanks for all your hard work and innovation. It was fun

Humtap is arriving tomorrow … here’s a reminder about what it is

Humtap Demo Video from Humtap on Vimeo.

Sounds good … sound like a plan

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