OK Go + littleBits: Another Set of Objects (video)

Video description:

“In preparation for their most recent album release, “Hungry Ghosts,” OK Go put together a Pledge Music campaign to share their process and raise money by providing unique experiences for fans. This ranged from personal art critiques to disposable cameras filled with tour photos to a customized synthesizer.

littleBits + OK Go came up with an instrument comprised of bits from the Synth Kit [made in partnership with Korg] and the littleBits library at large. The concept was originally a remixable music box. Essentially a song from the new album that could be played back from our Arduino module. Different song sections could be played in various orders and the timbre and shape of the sounds could be manipulated by the user.

Make your own rad synthstrument with the Synth Kit at http://littlebits.cc/kits/synth-kit. Learn more about this collaboration at http://littlebits.cc/ok-go

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