Mogees+Phonogene+Octatrack | Ultraviolet Cloud Formations (video)

Video description:

“I’m really loving the Mogees ( and I’m constantly looking around my house and studio for simple ways to grab some unique sounds. I love water, and found a few vessels to began experimenting. The screws ended up being the perfect hit on the water and the bottle. Then I used a magnet to move the screws around inside the plastic bottle. The tin container was stunning to play with and pouring the water sounded the most resonate with rich harmonics (this is the one I sampled into the Phonogene).

I used 2 samples in the Octatrack with 3 variations of each sample being faded between. The Midi tracks on the Octa are being used to send CC’s to the Expert Sleepers ES-40 and then distributed throughout the modules. Timing is from the Analog 4 via the Grayscale Synapse.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for watching!

Mogees, Elektron Octatrack & Analog 4, and Eurorack Modular (Phonogene, Echophon, ZDSP, Maths, Pittsburgh Modular Filter, SSF Positronic Transient Gate, Circuit Abby G8 & ADSR Jr, 4ms SCM, Expert Sleepers ES-40 & ESX-8CV”

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